The Company's Chauffeur and Top Model... Puppy Z (aka PZ)... and proponent of being a Mr. Fancy Shmancy Pants... He wants you to know that most of his wardrobe is absolutely dazzling and his favorite Little Dog & Cat Clothing Line is the "The Royale Collection." He's all about the bones and scones (even though his doggie doc says that it is definitely not good for his health nor his constitution).

Dog in blue shirt"Chaucer"

Our other model, and aficionado of finding the best cushion to pose on any where he goes... While he likes his fancy cushions, this Japanese Chin's purebred ancestors actually lived in China most likely perched (and he is very jealous of this) on the bedazzled jeweled ultra-fluff pillows of the Chinese Emperors. Like most Americans, "Chaucer" feels that he too is a part of the cultural melting pot and aspires to travel to all 7 continents (he likes to copy Puppy Z sometimes, thus the blue shirt and identical  word choice) and thus is a proponent  to saving this vast Earth in that he would still like to have time for him and all those after him to, in his words, "romp on for 100 dog zillion years to come." He is very evasive as to just how long that is exactly, but will tell you that while he does not usually play favorites he does usually love a good tree and sporting items from "the ONE EARTH" line.... plus he does get pretty chatty and will most definitely have a few more "bones to pick" in the near future...





















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