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Sizing Charts:

Little Dog Sizes, Big Dog Sizes, Kitty Too and Matching Human Apparel!

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Click Here to make all your Howl-Meowliday Purchases!!!

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~Luxury Quality Graphics & Designs~

~Cheeky Ideas~

~Him & Her Sets ~

~ Environmentally Conscious ~

~Just the kind of pampering the Doggie Doc ordered~

-Love Dr. V.-


P.S.- Puppy Z. and Chaucer say "and full of CHARACTER TOO!!!"

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We would be delighted to see and show you our collection at booth # 11 at the Luxury Pet Pavilion. We will also be in the March 7– 8, 2009 SHOWCASE as well.
Kindest Regards,
Dr. Bonnie V.

Boutique Fancy Fluff by Little Dog & Cat Clothing Co. -
"The BFF for you & your BFF"- TM

For human, kitty, big & lil' pooch alike...

"Because they are fancy too!"-TM


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